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This is one of SWA’s specialist areas and is often misunderstood. It is sometimes referred to as ‘tracing’, ‘missing persons’, ‘locates’ and a number of other terms. Contrary to popular mythology it is not black magic but a professional service to locate missing persons or assets. It is a service in which we excel.

People need to be found for various reasons – they may be required as a witness in court proceedings, be a missing family member or delinquent debtor – but the restrictive nature of privacy laws is making the task increasingly difficult.

At SWA we understand the need for privacy, but we also understand and sympathise with our clients’ need to be able to contact people for legitimate commercial and private reasons.

SWA has invested heavily to provide our clients with every legally available search facility on the market. When this is combined with our team’s exceptional investigation techniques, you will quickly realise why a high percentage of other agencies use SWA to conduct Skip Tracing on their behalf.

SWA does not endorse illegal searching activities. Clients can be assured that every legal avenue will be used to complete their instructions within budgetary constraints.

We are of the belief that if we cannot find the people or assets we are asked to locate, they will not be found by legal means.

Come and experience why a large majority of collection companies, law firms and insurers use our services. “You owe it to your clients!”

Guarantee- a located address is guaranteed for 14 days from the date of our report unless we advise otherwise .e.g. in the case where the subject/s move is imminent. A located address is either a work or residential address.

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